[atnog] Spoofer Report for ATNOG for Jul 2020

CAIDA Spoofer Project spoofer-info at caida.org
Sat Aug 8 19:00:44 CEST 2020

In response to feedback from operational security communities,
CAIDA's source address validation measurement project
(https://spoofer.caida.org) is automatically generating monthly
reports of ASes originating prefixes in BGP for systems from which
we received packets with a spoofed source address.
We are publishing these reports to network and security operations
lists in order to ensure this information reaches operational
contacts in these ASes.

This report summarises tests conducted within aut.

Inferred improvements during Jul 2020:
 none inferred

Source Address Validation issues inferred during Jul 2020:
ASN    Name                           First-Spoofed Last-Spoofed
31543  MYNET                             2017-02-24   2020-07-19
61438  IP-IT                             2019-12-11   2020-07-23
48362  TKSWF                             2020-01-17   2020-07-01
8447   TELEKOM-AT                        2020-02-24   2020-07-18

Further information for these tests where we received spoofed
packets is available at:

Please send any feedback or suggestions to spoofer-info at caida.org

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